“We all draw our moral lines in the sand.” Peter Bishop

I was raised with very, very strong morals. Both my mother and my father were big on ‘doing what is right’. I was also raised in a Catholic (mostly) society and family (although we weren’t THAT religious, but that stuff rubs off on you). It’s not surprising that I’ve developed this belief that if we do the right thing, we get rewarded, we do the wrong thing and — besides being eaten up inside by guilt– your punishment waiting for you with a bat in hand right around the corner.

Those rules always apply for me, but it doesn’t always happen the other way around. For a long time I would be really pissed, lips pursed, eyebrows furrowed, eyes narrowed mad and proclaiming at the top of my lungs with a fist raised in the air ‘that’s not fair!’ whenever somebody was malicious, or plain bad and got away with it.

The older I get, the more those things seem to happen. People cheat, betray, steal, lie and sometimes bad things happen to them, sometimes they don’t. And while I’m consumed by questions of morality everyday, they go by just living their lives whatever way best fits them.

What I’ve just recently realized is that, there is no big book stating that’s how things work (ok, maybe the Bible, but with all due respect, not very religious here), nobody ever made a scientific study that proves this is how life rolls. I’ve finally noticed that those are rules I made and in reality consequences are random. Life is random, events are random, things happen randomly. They do not follow our pre-conceived notions of how they should happen (they might sometimes when we get lucky). And we just have to surrender to whatever happens and let go.

ps.: of course morality is good and I do plan on keep living my life by the rules I was taught but I’m just not getting mad that other people get away with stuff anymore.


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