Cook, clean, eat

I might be the only person in the world who cooks then cleans and then eats. I just cannot eat comfortably knowing dirty dishes are in the sink waiting anxiously for their bath.

That alone says a lot about me (note to self: include in online dating profile). One thing you can guess is that I have ulcers, another is that I’m an anal b***. But I simply can’t relax knowing there are things that are under my responsibility awaiting to be done. Putting it simply, I’m a control freak.

It all started a good ten years ago when I was a spoiled brat and never cleaned my messes or cared for anything that belonged to me. My mother, a lovely woman but lacking all the severeness of the world, would always clean after us. It wasn’t until I was 17 and she got sick and was unable to perform her housewife duties that I realized I cannot stand messes and still am quite a messy person (not to mention lazy). Things would start piling up, dirt and disorganization would take over and drive my little capricorn ruled mind crazy. That was when I started to compulsively put stuff where they belonged (and if they didn’t have an assigned place I would assign them one also compulsively separating and categorizing) and cleaning. I simply could not stand seeing the house anything short of spotless.

And there began my bad habit of cooking, cleaning and only then eating my already cold meal.